Video shows attack of 14-year-old

Teen suspect initially banned from Duval County schools

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - An attorney has released video of an attack of a 14-year-old girl by another teen in an assault case that's now getting national attention.

In the video, investigators say, 14-year-old Paris Cannon is seen slamming Aria Jewett's head against a window a couple blocks down from Oceanway Middle School. Cannon then punches Jewett repeatedly in the face and pulls her hair.

"It was just vicious, absolutely vicious," said T.C. Roberts, Jewett's attorney.

Dozens of students were seen watching and capturing the fight on their cellphones.

Cannon gets on top of Jewett (pictured, right) and continues the beating, and other students can be heard laughing in the background.

A boy tried to pull Cannon off Jewett, but the other students told him to back off. Cannon then kneed Jewett in the head, and the attack continued.

"It's tough to watch it," Roberts said. "I'm sure it was tough for Melissia, Aria's mother, to see it as well. It's just a tough situation honestly."

The video ends when students realize they need to get back to school before class starts.

Cannon (pictured, left) was arrested and charged with felony battery, and also barred from all Duval County schools. That ban was stayed by an appeals court, allowing her back in the district, just not Oceanway Middle.

Jewett's attorneys call Cannon a "serial bully" and are asking other victims to come forward.

"My office is offering a reward for any videos of Paris Cannon's fights, whether they're on campus at school or off campus," Roberts said. "A $200 reward. So send them to us."

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