Video shows Nocatee car burglar

8 cars hit on Princes Drive

By Jim Piggott - Reporter

ST. JOHNS COUNTY, Fla. - Deputies in St. Johns County now have surveillance video of a thief breaking into a car in Nocatee.

Eight cars on Princess Drive were hit Thursday night.

Video at one house shows a break-in. The bandit just walks up to the car, opens an unlocked door and looks around for the any items inside. He goes to the back of the car for the same thing and eventually runs off and gets into the car with another person.

The windows were not broken in that instance, but in other cases in Nocatee, they were.

Resident Mike McAllister said the crooks better not come back.

"If it happens again somebody's going to get shot," he said. "There's lots of guys that are military (in the neighborhood) looking out for that type of thing."

Stolen items include jewelry, money, computers and other things that have been left lying in plain view in unlocked cars.

St. Johns County detectives say they are continuing their investigation and have put up mobile signs reminding people to take precautions.

"The biggest thing is if you have valuables, take them in with you at night," Sgt. Catherine Payne said. "If you have a garage, put your vehicle into the garage. Don't leave anything in plain sight. Lock your vehicle. Set your alarm. Same with your residences."

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