Video shows Orlando women attacked with bat

Police search for clues in beating

ORLANDO, Fla. - Police continue to search for a well-dressed man used a baseball bat to attack two women walking in downtown Orlando.

The attack, caught on surveillance video, shows the women walking to the Grande Apartments on South Street when they were hit in the head several times.

People who live in downtown Orlando say they are shocked that such a violent attack would happen in such a busy area.

"I don't feel safe doing things alone or even with somebody because in the video there's two people," said downtown Orlando resident Franchesca Fiorini. "It's just very scary."

"It's pretty unbelievable," said downtown Orlando resident Mario Quintana. "I mean, the kind of violence that could occur basically around your corner or somewhere around your neighborhood."

The attack happened around midnight on Saturday. Rebecca Naudasher, 30, and a friend were were about to enter the Grande Apartments when a well-dressed man in a shirt and tie, came up from behind and beat them with a baseball bat.

"I always feel worse for my friend every time I see it," said Naudasher, who reviewed the surveillance video of the attack.

Naudasher still does not recognize the man or remember much about the attack, but she wanted to see what happened.

"I'm glad just to kind of get an idea of what kind of person has that kind of rage against helpless females," said Naudasher.

After hitting the two women several times, the man stole Naudasher's purse then jumped into a newer, white, four-door car and is still on the run.

For people like Quintana, who lives in the Grande, just taking his dogs out for a walk is now a concern.

"I mean it's hard to fathom somebody could take a baseball bat to two women," said Quintana. "It's really disturbing."

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