Visions of Vibrancy: South Beach

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South Beach is an internationally known South Florida neighborhood. Dating back to 1915, South Beach is the oldest section of the City of Miami Beach (2010 pop. 87,779), home to the largest collection of Art Deco architecture in the world and has been one of Athe country's preeminent beach resorts for nearly a century.

Thirty years ago, the South Beach we know today did not exist.

During the era of Miami's "cocaine cowboys," South Beach was a blighted high crime district that served as the background for feature film <i>Scarface</i> and the TV show <i>Miami Vice</i>. During the early 1990s, the LGBT community kicked off Miami Beach's revitalization process by purchasing and restoring blighted buildings, opening new businesses and building political power in the city.

As the years have passed, the City of Miami Beach has become an international tourist destination. While many consider it an urban resort, at 12,540 residents per square mile, the coastal city is about as dense as they come in the South...

Visions of Vibrancy in South Beach MiamiĀ