Water back on in all 36 apartment units

Seniors were without water for about 4 weeks

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Water was back on and running Wednesday at all 36 apartments at Senior Citizen Village Apartments in Hogan's Creek, which had been without water for about four weeks.

Resident Diane Williams, who was nearly in tears Tuesday, was like a completely different person Wednesday -- all smiles, looking fresh and exciting, straight out of the shower, with ice in her drink.

She said everyone was cleaning now that they have water, and they were told to let the water run for a little bit to make sure it's clean.

The complex had to replace a part ordered from California that distributes water to the apartments.

Code Enforcement came out again Wednesday to check each apartment and make sure everyone's water was working properly. And it was.

City Councilman Johnny Gaffney, who took charge to fix the problem as soon as he found out about it, said Code Enforcement has agreed to monitor the situation there for quite some time to make sure the elderly residents are taken care of and to help make sure this doesn't happen again.

Wednesday was a required inspection the city performed, which will also help reinstate federal financial assistance after it was suspended when the seniors had to go without water for so long.

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