What bartender witnessed in Landing murder

James VanMeter, bartender at Fionn MacCool's, talks about night of murder

By Kent Justice - Anchor/reporter

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Since last Friday, Channel 4's Kent Justice said he has reviewed more than 400 page of documents and looked at hours of video from the case of a man accused of killing William 'Chris' Pettry at the Jacksonville Landing last year.

What was also seen and heard in the discovery materials matches the description from a man working that night at Fionn MacCool's when Pettry was killed.

Surveillance video underneath the Main Street Bridge shows police confronting with Matthew Hinson, the man they eventually charged with second degree murder.

While this was happening, less than a hundred yards away, people inside a local restaurant were calling for help.

Other customers and employees saw Pettry (pictured, right) holding his neck, bleeding to death before their eyes.

James VanMeter met with Channel 4's Kent Justice over the past weekend, telling him about the unforgettable and awful tragedy he saw. VanMeter was tending bar at Fionn MacCool's that night.

"It's something that you don't want to remember, but you'll never forget," said VanMeter. "Out of nowhere, somebody threw a cell phone at my chest and said, you know, talk to 911. 'For what?' and she didn't say anything, but it looked like she'd just seen a ghost."

This is what a stunned VanMeter said on the phone:

"We're at the Landing," said VanMeter.

"I know where you're at. Why is he bleeding?" said the dispatcher.

"I have no idea... He is in the corner here, and there is a lot of blood that has been lost," said VanMeter.

"Where is he cut," said the dispatcher.

"He's got a cut on his neck apparently, and he's lost a lot of blood, a lot of blood," said VanMeter.

VanMeter said he was trying to give details to the 911 operator.

"You know, she was asking questions about whether or not he was breathing," said VanMeter. "She was trying to give me tips on what to do, but it was like, if you had seen how much blood there was, you knew there was no way of coming back."

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