Who's running for public office in Jacksonville?

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Qualifying for candidates seeking public offices in Jacksonville this year ended at noon Friday -- three who will challenge Alvin Brown for mayor, seven will run for sheriff and dozens more for other county offices and City Council seats.

Several offices drew no opposition, including Michael Corrigan for a second term as tax collector and Jerry Holland, who couldn't run again for supervisor of elections, will be the next property appraiser, and one incumbent and one political newcomer won a City Council seat before a single vote is cast.

Some former office-holders are returning to the political fray. Mike Hogan, who lost to Brown four years ago by a razor-thin margin, is running for supervisor election, while former Mayor Tommy Hazouri, former councilmen Terry Fields and Pat Lockett-Felder are on the ballot.

Others with previous name recognition who are now running for office include director of the Clara White Mission Ju'Coby Pitman, MAD DADS founder Donald Foy and former TV anchor Joyce Morgan.

Below is a list of everyone who qualified to be on the ballot in the March 24 primary. While city elections are non-partisan -- any voter can cast a ballot for any candidate in all races -- candidates do list their party affiliations.

Mayor of Jacksonville

Omega Allen   NPA
Bill BishopRepublican 
Alvin Brown (incumbent) Democrat
Lenny CurryRepublican


Tony Cummings Democrat 
Jay FarhatRepublican 
Jimmy Holderfield Republican
Ken JeffersonDemocrat
Lonnie McDonaldRepublican
Rob SchoonoverRepublican
Mike WilliamsRepublican

(John Rutherford cannot seek reelection due to term limits)

Property appraiser

Jerry Holland    Republican  

(incumbent Jim Overton cannot seek reelection due to term limits)

Tax collector

Michael Corrigan (incumbent)Republican

Supervisor of elections

Tracie N. Davis Democrat 
Mike HoganRepublican 

(Incumbent Jerry Holland could not run again due to term limits)

City Council - At large Group 1

Anna Lopez Brosche Republican 
Kimberly Daniels (incumbent)Democrat
Terry ReedDemocrat
David A. TaylorRepublican

City Council at large - Group 2

Dave Barron Republican
John Crescimbeni (incumbent) Democrat
Theresa Graham Republican

City Council at large - Group 3

Tommy Hazouri Democrat
Mincy PollockDemocrat 
Geoff 'Jeff' Youngblood Republican 

City Council at large - Group 4

Greg Anderson Republican 
Juanita Powell-Williams Democrat

City Council at large - Group 5

Sam Newby (not listed) 
Ju'Coby Pittman Democrat
Michelle Tappouni  Republican

City Council - District 1

Mike Anania Republican 
Eddie Christian Republican
Joyce MorganDemocrat
Melody Shacter Democrat

City Council - District 2

Jack Daniels Republican 
Al FerraroRepublican
Lisa KingDemocrat

City Council - District 3

Aaron Bowman Republican
James NealisRepublican 

City Council - District 4

Ramon DayDemocrat 
Fred Engness Republican 
Ryan TaylorRepublican
Scott WilsonRepublican 

City Council - District 5

Lori Boyer (incumbent) Republican 


City Council - District 6

Connie Benham Republican 
Matt Schellenberg (incumbent) Republican

City Council - District 7

Niki Brunson NPA
Richard CuffDemocrat 
James EddyDemocrat
Donald FoyDemocrat
Reggie Gaffney Democrat
Marc McCollough Democrat
Wendell SamsDemocrat
George A. Spencer Jr. Democrat
Sirretta WilliamsDemocrat 

City Council - District 8

James M. Breaker Democrat 
Katrina Brown Democrat
Terry L. FieldsDemocrat
Pat Lockett-Felder Democrat
Lynn ShermanDemocrat

City Council - District 9

Garrett Dennis Democrat 
Glorious J. Johnson Democrat

City Council - District 10

Reginald 'Reggie' Brown (incument) Democrat 
Celestine MillsDemocrat
Joseph WillisNPA

City Council - District 11

Danny Becton Republican 


City Council - District 12

Doyle Carter Republican 
Abner DavisDemocrat

City Council - District 13

Bill Gulliford (incumbent) Republican 


City Council - District 14

Jim Love (incumbent) Republican 
Jason TetlakDemocrat 

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