Widow of man killed in truck fire speaks

By Heather Leigh - Reporter

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - It's been a tough week for a Jacksonville woman who lost her husband after his car caught fire at Pugh's Automotive shop on the Westside, killing him.

John Enlow was 68 years old. The cause of the fire is still unknown.

Enlow's widow, Sandi Enlow, said they were about to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary in December. She said life isn't the same without her husband.

"If he's got a window looking down from heaven, then he's smiling," she said.

Enlow misses her husband every day. She said when police came to her door last week to let her know her husband had died in a fire, it was hard to comprehend.

It's been a week and still no answers. Enlow said she's still waiting on his death certificate.

"I want to know what happened. I want to know what started the fire," she said. "I want to know why he died. I want to know. It's called closure. I don't call it closure, I guess I would just call it the final chapter. We've had a good life. He was a good man, he provided well."

The father of three was working on his truck at their friend's auto shop. John Enlow often watched the place at night. Sandi Enlow said that truck meant a lot to him. The Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department said the truck caught fire and John Enlow didn't make it.

"Watching something you love go up in flames had to be really hard on him," Sandi Enlow said. "He loved that little truck. I always teased him. He loved that truck more than me."

Enlow said she loved her husband more than life itself.

"If it wasn't for my family and my church, I don't know what I would do," she said. "They give me strength. It's just going to be really hard for now. We were married from the time he was 18 and I was 19. We actually met during Hurricane Dora. It hit on my birthday, September of '64, and we met then. We were married two months later. It was quick."

Enlow said her husband didn't have insurance and it's been tough trying to come up with the money for his funeral and cremation. A family friend has started a GoFundMe account.

John Enlow's funeral will be held at 4 p.m. Saturday at Rolling Hills Baptist Church. Friends and family will be celebrating his life.

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