Winds prompt erosion concern

By Ashley Harding - Reporter , Chris Robbins - Producer

PONTE VEDRA, Fla. - A day of heavy winds has caused concern for some Ponte Vedra homeowners, especially those who have seen the impacts of beach erosion near the properties.

The National Weather Service said those winds plus a high tide can lead to more issues.

Sunday was a day of high easterly winds, and according to the National Weather Service, there were also high tides. 

"Right now with the strong easterly winds that began Sunday, that's pushing the tide levels to about a foot and a half above normal; at least that's what happened around high tide," said Ben Nelson with the NWS.

Officials said these two issues coupled together can lead to more beach erosion. That's not good news for neighbors in Ponte Vedra Beach who've dealt with it endangering their properties.

One woman showed Channel 4 a new seawall that was just finished within the last week. She said its presence does bring comfort, but for some, erosion is still a constant concern.

"I'm a firm believer it's because of the dredging that goes on in the inlet, robbing from the inlet and then our sand kind of fills in that," said Clay Hansen.

National Weather Service officials said they expect to see heavy winds gradually decrease throughout the week, but they still urge neighbors to be open about their erosion concerns.

"We recommend talking to local emergency management, getting any type of advice for some proactive type of solutions for erosion, especially now that hurricane season has begun," Nelson said.

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