Woman, 47, accused of slashing dog

Dog recovering after last month's attack

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - A 47-year-old senior caretaker was arrested Wednesday night and charged in the attack on Bo, the dog slashed with a sharp object and still recovering at the Jacksonville Humane Society.

Charlotte Streeter is charged with three counts of third-degree felony animal cruelty. She's also charged with aggravated battery on an elderly person and aggravated elder abuse. She was arrested after an anonymous tip to the Humane Society.

"We were so glad to hear that somebody's finally going to be held accountable, that the person responsible wasn't on the streets," said Denise Deisler, executive director of the Humane Society. "We were really worried. There was a very vicious attack, and it was pretty scary to think that somebody that could do that was out there walking around unchallenged."

The Jacksonville Humane Society offered a $500 reward in the case. Good Samaritans added to the fund, raising it to $2,100. The reward will be paid upon the arrest and conviction of the suspect.

Bo was slashed several times last month.

Residents of a development in Northwest Jacksonville found Bo covered in blood with life-threatening injuries across his body. They brought him to the Community Animal Hospital, where veterinarians operated to close the wounds.

One of the gashes was 4 inches long.

The city of Jacksonville's Animal Care and Protective Services sent a cruelty investigator to examine the dog and investigate the case.

Streeter was being held with bail set at $150,000.

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