Woman charged in shooting of pregnant woman

Unborn child died after woman shot in abdomen

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - A 35-year-old Jacksonville woman is charged with attempted murder in the shooting of a pregnant woman that began in a Facebook argument, according to investigators.

The unborn child died after 23-year-old Makeisha Brooks was shot in the abdomen.

Virginia Wyche (pictured below) is being held at the Duval County Jail with bail set at $1 million.

The state said Brooks was six months pregnant. The medical examiner will determine if the unborn child would have been viable outside the womb, and pending that finding, Wyche could face further charges.

Brooks was taken to UF Health Jacksonville in critical condition after the shooting.

Police said the two women got into an argument on the social media site Tuesday night, and Brooks went to Wyche's Northwest Jacksonville home Wednesday to discuss the disagreement.

Police said the dispute turned physical and Wyche shot Brooks (pictured below sitting down after shooting) once. Investigators said Wyche admitting to shooting her after being slapped in the face by her.

Mary, a neighbor who knew Brooks and Wyche, said she called 911.

"I was really heartfelt about that, 'cause I'm sure she had most likely learned to love that baby," Mary said.

Mary said she closed her door after she heard the gunshot, afraid that she may be shot. She called 911, and just a few minutes after that she said she got a knock on the door.

"Her mom came while I was on the phone, really banging on my door in a really, really frantic way, saying, 'Call rescue. My daughter has been shot. My daughter has been shot,'" Mary said. "I was trying to tell her that's what I'm doing right now."

Mary said Wyche's $1 million bond is outrageous.

"Even with that type bond, she's not going to have a chance to come out until whenever, if ever," Mary said. "I really feel sorry for her and her family as well, 'cause her mom was a good friend of mine."

Currently sitting on Gov. Rick Scott's desk is a bill that would change the law for someone who kills an unborn child. As it stands, the state has to prove that the child could survive outside the womb. This bill would make it a crime to kill a baby, no matter how far along the child is.

If the governor signs the law, it would go into effect Oct. 1, which means it probably would have no affect on this case.

Social media experts arguments on Facebook and Twitter spilling over into reality is getting out of control.

Dwann Rollinson says this case is a wake up call to parents, that disagreements on social media can seem innocent but can be very dangerous.

"Life is bigger than cyber space. Life is bigger than an argument on Facebook that now may potentially cost you your life, " said Rollinson.

Wyche will be arraigned May 15.

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