Woman says her daughter abandoned baby

15-year-old's mother says teen gave birth, abandoned newborn

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - A Fort Caroline woman who thinks her daughter abandoned a baby is in disbelief.

Jacksonville police said someone left a newborn on the ground at an apartment complex last week.

The woman who believes she is the grandmother does not want to be identified. She thinks her 15-year-old daughter gave birth to a baby girl who was abandoned at a vacant apartment's doorstep.

"I couldn't believe that she would do that to the baby, and I kind of composed myself to call and talk to you all or someone, (the Department of Children and Families), anybody, but I just didn't know what to say, I just did not know what to say," the woman said.

She said she recently made the connection because that day, she went home to that same complex to find her own daughter unconscious.

"I found that she was passed out, slumped over, passed out, and I also saw copious amounts of blood on the floor, so that made me concerned," the woman said.

She said she rushed the high school sophomore to an emergency room, still unsure exactly what was wrong.

She said her daughter had never admitted at any point that she knew she had a baby.

"She did after all of this happened," the woman said. "She's still in denial. I don't understand how she can be, knowing that she had a baby right there by herself."

Now the teen's mother believes she knows the truth and who the father is. She claims the father, a high school senior, has even given the baby girl a name -- Kamayia Olivia.

"He's a very responsible young man and he's distraught as well," the woman said. "He didn't know what was going on. He had no idea and we're talking about him getting the baby, you know, custody of the baby, because he's more stable than my daughter right now."

The woman said she realizes she may never get to meet Kamayia, and that her daughter could be in trouble. She said she plans on contacting police.

"I feel that it's fair, it's only fair," she said.

At this point, though, the woman said she's focused on her daughter's health and is hopeful the baby will be OK. She said she's thankful the neighbor who found Kamayia had the heart to call for help.

"A hero," she said. "So glad about that because it could've been worse. Just a hero."

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