Woman speaks about losing unborn child in shooting

35-year-old charged in shooting was going to be child's godmother

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - A 23-year-old Jacksonville woman who lost her unborn child after being shot in the stomach in an argument that started on Facebook said she's still in shock that her friend would shoot her.

Markeisha Brooks, who was six months pregnant, was in the hospital for more than two weeks but is now out and recovering. Virginia Wyche, 35, is charged with attempted first-degree murder and killing of an unborn child by injury to the mother. Wyche (pictured below) was going to be the child's godmother.

"A lot of pain, still a little bit of pain, but it's mostly inside now, more emotional than physical," Brooks said in an exclusive interview with Channel 4 Thursday.

Brooks was going to name her daughter Peyton.

"When I went to go look at my child, the damage that the bullet did to her, it really put a toll on my heart," Brooks said. "It was really sad to see that as a mother."

The killing made national headlines as the Facebook shooting. Brooks didn't want to go into too many details because the case is ongoing, but she said she had an argument online with Wyche that day and went over to her house to talk about it.

"Pulling out a gun was the last thing I ever thought she would have done," Brooks said. "She was always a good friend. She was my child's godmother."

"My family is devastated. My sister is devastated," said Katrice Wyche, Virginia Wyche's sister. "It's a sad situation about the child being lost."

Virginia Wyche's mom and sister feel for everyone involved in the shooting last month, but they believe their family member acted in self-defense.

"She is devastated. She is feeling that her rights have been violated," Katrice Wyche said. "She doesn't understand how doing something in her defense at her residence could land her where she is. And now with the word murder being associated with her actions, she is just devastated."

"That whole 'is self-defense thing' is a lie," Brooks said.

Brooks denies being aggressive.

"I never put my hands on her. No physical touching," she said. "There was barely even an argument. As far as me coming over to her home, we were close."

Brooks said she forgives Virginia Wyche.

"I forgave her already. She's been forgiven a long time ago," Brooks said. "She has to deal with herself and the consequences."

Wyche is being held in the Duval County jail on $1 million bond. She will be arraigned May 15.

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