Woman wanted for stealing from bank accounts

Individual allegedly breaks into cars, steals purses

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - A woman is wanted for allegedly stealing thousands of dollars from multiple victims after duping bank tellers into giving her their money and bank account information.

In addition, the woman appears to be picking women at random throughout Jacksonville and in St. Johns County, following them and then breaking into their cars.

Lynn Rossborough thought she did the safest thing to protect her purse, by hiding it under the seat in her locked car while she taught at Abess Park Elementary. She thought it would be safer than leaving her purse in her unlocked classroom.

"The whole window was busted and my pocketbook was gone," said Rossborough.

A co-worker noticed her car had been broken into. Rossborough thinks the woman, or someone the woman is working with, must have been watching her that day and saw her hide her purse.

"This person used my ID, my license and went right through drive-up banks on the other side of town within an hour," said Rossborough. "Two different places and withdrew the money. $4,000 gone."

The image of the woman appears to be similar to images of another woman also wanted for using a stolen ID to withdraw $8,000 from the account of a woman whose purse was stolen from a car parked at Anastasia State Park in St. Augustine ten days before Rossborough's purse was stolen.

She also looks like the woman wanted for withdrawing money from the account of a woman whose purse was stolen in Julington Creek two weeks later.

In addition, the woman doing this is specifically picking women who look like her. Rossborough has blond hair and the woman in St. Augustine who had her purse taken has blond hair too.

In surveillance photos, the woman is shown purposing using the drive-thru at the bank that is farthest from the teller, hoping that the bank employee won't notice the picture on the driver's license she is giving them isn't her.

Rossborough said she wishes the teller would have asked more questions.

"It wasn't me. I would have hoped with $2,000 they would have asked the person to go into the bank and confirm that with so much money," said Rossborough.

Rossborough and the other victim who talked with Channel 4 said their bank account numbers were not in their purses when they were stolen.

They said the bank tellers wrote the account number down for the women on a withdraw slip when she told them she didn't have it.

In total, the two women had $12,000 stolen from them.

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