Man Ambushed By Facebook 'Friend'

Christopher Harris Says He's Learned Important Lesson

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Christopher Harris said he's learned a lesson about meeting people on Facebook after he set up a meeting with who he thought was a woman.

"I don't even like Facebook. I was on Twitter, then I go back to Facebook for two days and this happens to me," said Harris.

Harris said that when he went to meet this person, he instead found a man at the end of a dead end road. The man pulled out a gun, shot into his car door, said Harris.

He said he put the car in reverse, hit a fence and then slammed into a tree.

"I'm glad I watched James Bond yesterday," said Harris.

"I'm not going back to Facebook, I'm staying on Twitter. Stuff like that don't happen on Twitter," he added.

After Harris got away, he called police. When police checked for the woman's Facebook page, it was deleted.

"He definitely was scammed, deceived by a person on a social networking site. You never know what you're going to get," said Channel 4 Crime Analyst Ken Jefferson.

Jefferson said people need to be careful about who they are meeting online, and that meeting someone alone is particularly dangerous.

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