Man Hangs Self On Cross As Protest

Some Offended By Man's Actions

ORANGE PARK, Fla. - Rich McGuffie said he had his reasons to spend over 10 hours hanging from a cross in his Orange Park neighborhood Friday.

Channel 4 got a call from witnesses Friday afternoon about a man who had crucified himself outside of his Orange Park home on the corner of Orion Street and Arora Boulevard.


When Channel 4 arrived at the home, McGuffie was tied to the cross. McGuffie told Channel 4 his wife and son helped him get on the cross and helped him get food and water throughout the day on Friday.

McGuffie said he had always wanted to make a statement like the one he made Friday night. McGuffie said he put himself up on the cross for many reasons; he wanted to draw attention to the deaths of Somer Thompson and Christopher Barrios, two local children who were murdered. McGuffie said he also wanted to draw attention to what he calls a senseless war in Iraq and Afghanistan.

McGuffie said he is comfortable standing in awkward uncomfortable situations because of the time he spent as a Marine. McGuffie will get down from the cross at 12 a.m. Saturday.

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