Mark Richter

Candidate for Flagler County Commission District 4

Age: 57

Family: Yes

Occupation: Sr Field Engineer

Education: BA Management

Political Experience: None

What do you see as the top three issues in this race?

  1. In my view the most important issue facing Flagler County is the reckless, and in many cases unnecessary, spending of the tax payer's dollars.  The failure of the current administration to attract industry suitable for Flagler County and misplaced priorities including the seemingly "lukewarm" support of the county's emergency services.
  2. My life experiences a far more diversified than that off my opponent. This diversification will allow me to lead and make decisions based on a much broader perspective. But, most importantly, I am not seeking the position of county commissioner because I need a job nor do I intend it to be the start of a new a career. I am seeking the position to do my part in making Flagler County a better, safer and more affordable place in which to live.
  3. Tax and spend attitude. Why should people vote for you? My primary goal is to win. I will accomplish this by getting my message out to the voters concerning the need to put the brakes on runaway government, holding the line on taxes and making the operation of government open and transparent. Thus far, I believe I have been successful in this endeavor. I have contacted thousands of voters either through personal contacts, direct mail, and community forums. As a result of these efforts I have received overwhelming positive feedback.

What do you hope to be remembered for after you leave office?

Trustworthy, loyal, servant to Flagler County

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