Middleburg German Shepherd rescue needs help

K-9 Services German Shepherd Rescue asking for donations

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MIDDLEBURG, Fla. - Nila Walden-Hughes, who owns K-9 Services German Shepherd Rescue, needs help adopting more dogs.

"I get up to 20 emails a day of people needing to find rescue for these dogs and it's just, it's heartbreaking," said Walden-Hughes.

K-9 Services German Shepherd Rescue saves about 30 to 45 dogs a year. Walden-Hughes runs the rescue out of her Middleburg home with the help of seven foster families.

Walden-Hughes has had tremendous success, but is struggling to keep up with the demand. She said the German Shepherd population at animal shelters is swelling -- and she's too small to help.

"It's hard. It's one of the hardest things I have to say. It really is," said Walden-Hughes. "It's too hard. It is hard to turn away people."

Walden-Hughes trains, rehabilitates, and then offers the German Shepherds up for adoption. She has been so successful, she recently won a brand new car in a competition for the most worthy non-profit. Now, she needs the space to go with it.

"If I had at least an acre of land for these dogs to run around in, we'd be able to set up training on the property," said Walden-Hughes.

So far, Walden-Hughes has raised $3,000 of the $20,000 needed to buy the land.

"I just think Germans are the most trainable, the most intelligent, the most loyal, and ever since I was a child, I fell in the love with the breed," she said.

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