Still looking for the perfect gift? Here are some unique ideas

The holiday shopping clock is ticking and if you are still looking for that one perfect gift for that special someone, we have some unusual and unique ideas.

1. The Comfy (thecomfy.com)

The Comfy was designed by two single dads and was featured on Shark Tank. It’s an oversized blanket sweatshirt. It comes in all sizes and styles and is washable.

2. Crazy cap (thecrazycap.com)

Reusable water bottles are all the rage and the Crazy Cap helps to purify water on the go. The cap fits over most brand bottles and will sterilize and destroy microorganisms. They guarantee it will eliminate the moldy smell.

3. Codi the Robot (pillarlearning.com)

A cool gift for the younger set is Codi the Robot. It is an interactive toy that has 200 classic stories and songs stored. Parents can control it with an app and can even send voice messages. Codi comes with one outfit and you can purchase others.

4. Talia Little Black Box Charm set (mytalia.com)

Jewelry is always a popular gift. The Talia Little Black Box Opus Harmony Charm set is a winner. This classic five-charm set allows the creation of new combinations by simply playing with the charms on the Souls™ (Rods). This set is all about encouraging you to find your individuality and show it off through a statement of elegant simplicity. Talia has three collections Aria, Brio, and Opus and their motto/theme is “The Game Changer in Jewelry” and it’s just that easy to change it up every day with their customizable pieces. With every purchase made TALIA Jewelry will donate 10% of all proceeds to Girls Inc. to ensure girls have the experiences and opportunities to thrive!

5. Little Saps (littlesaps.com)

For something really different, how about the gift of a tree? Little Saps has seedlings that are 1- to 2-year-old plants with a well-developed root system. They come in cute packaging and with inspirational quotes or phrases.

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