How to keep your New Year’s resolutions

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New year, new you -- right?

Lose weight, exercise more, eat healthier. Most of our New Year’s goals tend to be out the window a month later.

In fact, only 8% of people ever stick to them. However, the key to keeping your resolution this year may be more in the preparation than inspiration.

Instead of going for idealistic goals, like hitting the gym three times a week, try to integrate exercise into your daily routine. For example, take stairs instead of the elevator or jog to the mailbox to get your mail.

Also, instead of completely depriving yourself of your favorite foods that might not be so good for you, try incorporating more healthy foods.

So you can still have that chocolate chip cookie, but just have a salad to go along with it.

And want to lose weight in the new year? Set a goal of starting a food journal.

A study found those who wrote down what they consumed doubled their weight loss compared to those who didn’t.

Another way to stick to your resolution is to not actually set a New Year’s resolution.

Instead, do Monday resolutions, where you set small weekly goals. If you fail to stick to it by Tuesday or Wednesday, you can start over again the following Monday.