Jacksonville mom sends congressman cease and desist letter for using meme of her son

JACKSONVILLE, Fla – You’ve probably seen the iconic meme at least once on the internet over the last decade. An adorable, clearly self-satisfied little boy folding his hand into a triumphant fist. Then 11-month-old Sammy Griner became known as “success kid."

As News4Jax told you in 2015, Griner and his family enjoyed the meme’s success and possibly saved Sammy’s father’s life, but the meme has been put to a new purpose and without permission.

U.S. Rep. Steve King from Iowa used the famous meme for political fundraising. A post on his reelection website read,

“Do you like funny memes? You’re a human being, so of course you do... Then please support our campaign today to keep the memes flowing and the lefties triggered."

The family fired back. Sammy’s mother, Laney Griner, issued a cease and desist letter for the post to be removed but didn’t stop there.

Griner required the congressman’s campaign to release a statement acknowledging the staff appropriated the meme and it was taken without permission.

The congressman is complying with the order. News4Jax reached out to the Griner’s family attorney and King for comment.

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