How real food can make a real difference for your pet

Something called Eastern Food Therapy is helping to heal dogs from the inside out.

The FDA warns about the dangers of going grain-free and damaging hearts, too many synthetic foods can add to joint pain and processed foods pack on the pounds for your pooch.

But real food can make a real difference for our pets.

“There’s a hole in what we’re doing for our animals,” explained Marney Prince, founder of Side by Side.

Prince began studying Eastern Food Therapy, or EFT. Now she uses it in her shop, Side by Side. Winston, a 2-year-old Bernedoodle, was having problems with his digestion.

“He broke out with this big hot spot on his side; he’s got these red eyes,” Prince said.

Five weeks after being put on an EFT specific diet, his symptoms were almost completely gone.

EFT is based on the idea of warming, neutral and cooling foods. Dogs that suffer from slow circulation, are lethargic, have loose stool, watery eyes or anxiety need a warming diet that includes chicken, lamb, turkey, mussels, trout, pumpkin, kale, carrots and coconut oil.

“A dog that needs a cooling recipe would need attributes in the food that moisturize the body and take down inflammation,” Prince explained.

Hobbs, a 12-year-old Border Terrier, is hard to stop now, but that was not always the case.

“He had blown out one knee and had a knee surgery,” Prince said.

Hobbs was laid up for six weeks. When his other knee needed surgery, his owner started EFT. The recovery on that knee took just three weeks.

Prince has now opened a second Side by Side shop in Chicago and has plans for more.

You can order food and get a free Eastern Food Therapy assessment of your dog by logging on to https://www.sidebysidepet.com/