Fitness teacher gets creative with 10 at 10 workout

Class practicing social distancing while still getting in shape

ST. JOHNS, Fla. – People who normally hit the gym or take workout classes are having to get creative to stay in shape.

Most are working out at home virtually or going for a solo walk or run.

We stumbled on a Force4Good that broke a sweat: A workout class that allows for social distancing but also fun with a nearby crew.

The ladies do an intense workout a few days a week in one of the many fields in Durbin Crossing in St. Johns County

Molly Laster teaches workout classes, but she had to stop because of social distancing rules.

Laster found a way around that, setting 10 people, 10 feet apart to exercise at 10 a.m.

It was a hit.

The ladies -- and even a few of their kids -- are navigating a new normal to get into shape. They’re sweating without intrusion, but they’re close enough to feel the burn together.

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