Response to social media post helps Alaska pie shop stay in business

Steve Satterlee worried about making rent, and what that would mean for the future of his pie shop. He posted about that on Facebook, and reminded people the shop was still open.Turns out, more than 18-thousand people saw that post.

Social media is helping us all stay connected during this pandemic, and a pie shop in Alaska is thriving because the word got out on Facebook that business was slow.

Now they’re making more pies than they can sell.

The owner, Steve Satterlee, said that was not the case three weeks ago because he was worried about paying the rent.

He started the business for his granddaughter to take over one day.

Satterlee posted his story and motivation on Facebook and reminded people the shop was still open.

Turns out more than 18,000 people saw that post and many responded.

“It wasn’t just our customers," Satterlee said. “They talked to their neighbors and their friends and their relatives so there was all kinds of people who had never been here before but their neighbor had asked them could they please come by and buy a pie.”

Now business is booming and he’s confident they will keep making rent and payroll and his legacy will live on.

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