Vintage Jaguars memorabilia makes a splash at local estate sale

Family collected decades’ worth of Jaguars memorabilia; items now up for grabs

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The Jaguars football team may be making history on the field, but their fans have a chance to take a piece of history home with them. An estate sale going on in the San Pablo area this weekend includes dozens of pieces of Jaguars memorabilia.

News4jax is not naming the couple who passed away, but their Jaguars memorabilia show they were huge Jaguars fans, going back to the very first season. Over the years, they collected and even made their own fan items highlighting their love of the team.

Thursday morning, before the doors to the home opened for the first day of the estate sale, people were lined up in the driveway hoping to get a piece of the action. Nancy Mull told News4jax while she wasn’t sure what to expect, she was hoping to add to her collection. But she has a good start.

“I have a jacket from the first season that is finally getting worn again because it’s going to be so cold,” Mull said. “I didn’t know I still had it, but it’s a big puffy, original jacket with the original logo.”

From Beanie Babies to backpacks to pillowcases and baby clothes, Mull had plenty of options to choose from. Debi Rivas’ company, Flamboyance Estate Sale Specialists, is handling the estate sale. Every corner and section of the front living room is a Jaguars gem. Rivas explains each item has its own unique story, some going way back to the beginning.

“This is the first inaugural season game ticket,” Rivas shared as she showed News4jax vintage tickets. “So, here’s the pretty one you can put on your desk.”

If you’re looking for some Jag Swag to sport at Saturday’s matchup against the Los Angeles Chargers, you’re covered. Rivas held up a vintage short-sleeved option from many seasons ago.

“This is one of my favorites because it’s so different,” Rivas said. “I believe they used to call them ‘Teal Terror’. And this one is signed.”

Tons of items are signed, by the way. Including a jersey from Mark Brunell. Brunell played in the NFL for nineteen seasons and was best known for his nine seasons with the Jags. Rivas was impressed by the jersey’s condition. That was true of nearly every piece item up for sale.

“This is something as an estate sale owner and liquidator, we love,” Rivas said. “They took such good care of their things.”

They even made some of their things, including a homemade baby blanket and many other children’s items. Rivas says the best part for her is knowing these hidden gems will go back into the community where they’ll once again be cherished.

“They know that they get to come and get a piece of history, it’s a piece of history from the Jaguars,” Rivas said. “And we’re so happy that they made the Playoffs and we’re so excited for the game on Saturday.”

The estate sale is going on Friday and Saturday, from 9:00 to 2:00 each day. To learn more about where the sale is, search #flambamnation on social media.

Address: 13880 Ibis Point Blvd Jacksonville, FL 32224

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