4 restaurants with very different problems

State inspector find roaches, temperature violations, contamination concerns

By Melanie Lawson - The Morning Show anchor

JACKSONVILLE, Fla - Four local restaurants with very different problems but they all had something in common:  Inspectors were concerned for your safety if you eat there.

First Wok on Normandy Boulevard was cited for six high priority violations.  The state inspector found a large live roach in a bulk rice container.  Workers had to throw out all the rice because it was contaminated and couldn't be cooked or served.  They also had dumplings and raw chicken that was nearly 10 degrees too warm to be considered safe.

At the McDonald's on 103rd Street an inspector caught an employee touching french fries with her bare hands.  She was pouring them into the box with her fingers inside the box, according to the report.  Managers also had to throw out some food because of temperature abuse.  The inspector came back to the McDonald's and cleared it this time with zero violations.

Also Your Place Bar and Grill on Atlantic Boulevard was cited for three high priority violations.  Roaches were found in the kitchen.  The inspector found a couple by the sink and another by the ice machine.  They also had a storage issue with raw burgers being store over raw shrimp.  This is another violation that could lead to contamination.

A little bit of Saigon on Kernan was cited with five violations that the state said could get your sick.  Most had to do with temperature.  An inspector wrote he found meat more than ten degrees too warm to be considered safe.  Managers had to throw out the beef, sprouts, and tofu because at those temperatures it could cause a food borne illness.

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