Alarm clock to wake you when body is ready

Monitors a person's sleeping patterns

By Monica Whitsel - Producer
Headline Goes Here Daily Mail

BRITAIN - A new alarm clock could change the way society wakes up in the morning. 

The Daily Mail reports the Aura bio-clock by manufacture Withings, monitors one's sleeping throughout the night including breathing and heart rates and body movements.

Based off the analysis of one's sleeping patterns through the night, the Aura bio-clock will wake a person up when the body is ready to woken.

The use of the iPhone and a sensor pad under the mattress link together to monitor one's sleep.

The alarm clock prepares the sleeper as morning approaches and also helps a person fall asleep through the light on the clock that changes colors.

The clock is set to be sold for nearly 300 hundred dollars.  It's expected to be available come spring in Britain.

The Aura bio-clock does bring up concerns.  A hectic life doesn't always allow people to get the recommended amount of sleep per night.  The question then is does the person ultimately oversleep the time they need to up?

Also of how the alarm clock would work for someone who doesn't work the traditional nine to five hour work day, but instead works the graveyard shift.  The clock uses the changing of night and day along with a person's sleeping patterns to wake a person up.

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