Avoiding summer health bummers

By Staci Spanos - Reporter/anchor
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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - With the official start of summer, CNN health reporter Jim Morelli is working to develop your summer health IQ. 

One of the biggest misunderstandings during summer is about hydration. Many people are misguided on the fluids other than water that can quench your thirst. What about that morning cup of Joe, commonly known to expel water from our bodies?  Morelli doesn't suggest drinking coffee as a main hydrator, but counts it as a fluid gain for your day.

Scared to run a mile during that afternoon lunch break? Morelli says its OK to continue your exercise routine during the summer season. However, he advises to plan around the heat. Opt for early morning or evening outdoor exercise and try visiting a cool, indoor gym.

When it comes to those sore tendons, gel knee and elbow straps apply pressure and relief to the areas during exercise. Shoulder muscles may also be strained due to summertime activity, Morelli recommends homeopathic natural remedies which help soothe any soreness, swelling or bruising.

Sunscreen is a must during the day, and Morelli says the higher the SPF the better! The key is to reapply properly and at least 60 minutes after any swim time.

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