Busting mommy myths

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Are you a new mom looking for the keys to doing it the right way? There are many popular "mommy myths."

Will candy make your child hyper? Studies from Yale and The New England Journal of Medicine show there is no scientific basis for the "sugar high" theory. The wild behavior associated with sugary treats is most likely due to environmental factors.

A baby cries in the night, but should you answer it? Absolutely. Rutgers University research explains you cannot give an infant under 6 months too much attention and not responding may cause trust issues.

Should you fight in front of the kids? Yes and no. A UK study says that kids as young as 3 can sense tension between parents, but if you can fight maturely, your child learns positive conflict resolution tools.

Finally, a lot of parents believe bribing children to enforce positive behavior is wrong. However, a UK study explains there is no harm in rewarding a child to enforce good decisions. Bribing can be a valuable parenting too. 

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