Metro Diner recipe

Yo hala on the square

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Metro Diner is known for such original local favorites as Yo Hala on the Square, a delectable banana-stuffed French toast meal that comes topped with a blueberry and strawberry compote and its signature meatloaf.

Metro Diner's Yo Hala On The Square


1.5 pounds of cream cheese
5 pounds of bananas cut on bias 1½ inch
3 pounds of brown sugar
1 ounce of hazelnut syrup
1 ounce of margarine


Soften cream cheese in food mixer. Sauté of bananas with margarine, hazelnut syrup and brown sugar. After sautéed, place in large colander let drain for 10 minutes.

Cut up remaining bananas, mix them all together and put in cooler for two hours to chill.

Once bananas are chilled add the bananas and cream cheese together (the mix should be stiff so it does not run when you put it on the bread).

Grill on all five sides and top with strawberry blueberry compote and powder sugar.

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