Pho Cali Vietnamese Restaurant closed for night

State inspectors find live roaches in drink cabinet

By Melanie Lawson - The Morning Show anchor

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Pho Cali Vietnamese Restaurant on Cagle Road had a revealing inspection last week.

Lan Duono took us back to the area where an inspector found a couple dozen live roaches underneath the beverage area on the cabinet door.  The report showed some had been killed, but Duono said they didn't know about the bugs.

"They hide in here, they're in here," said Duono.

She said they get exterminated once a month, but that no matter how vigilant you are with pest control the bugs can be even more aggressive.

"The restaurant even if you're very clean the hot weather, the roaches come out even if the company spray. It is never gone," said Duono.

The restaurant had 16 critical violations, but they were only closed for a couple of hours.  The same inspector came back the next day and they were able to open back up. 

"The same day she come here to inspect and the next morning early she come here and no more roaches," said Duono.

Lan said they do their best to keep the restaurant clean.

"It's clean now very, very clean now," said Duono.

According to the report the roaches were only in this one section not in the main kitchen where they cook.

Duono explained, "Only here, nothing else, just a few roach."

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