Pollen sticks around

Pollen sticking around causing longer allergy season

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People who suffer from allergies can't seem to catch a break this season. It's almost summer but many of us are still sniffling and sneezing.

Experts blame a longer allergy season.

Every time of the year is a busy time at Doctor Sunil Joshi's office. He says pollen is something we deal with year round in Jacksonville. It usually ends with our first freeze, but that didn't happen until after Christmas last year.

"Our pollen season tends to be extended anyway, but it's been longer recently just because we've had such a relatively mild winter so our pollen season hitch would have started in Febraury, starting now in January so about 4 to 6 weeks longer than usual," said Dr. Joshi.

People who are allergic to tree and grass pollen still have symptoms when, by now most allergies take a break until the fall.

"No doubt it's the spring pollen that's the worst issue for people in Jacksonville, but we tend to have issues in the summer as well because we have a lot of grass pollen around here, Bahay grass, Bermuda grass with all of our golf courses which can cause allergy symptoms as well," said Dr. Joshi.

Although your car is probably no longer covered in a yellow pollen coat from pine trees, oak tree pollen is still in the air.

"The only real pollen you can see if the pine tree pollen. Most of the pollen that comes out you actually can't see and it's the ones that you can't see that are more likely to cause allergy symptoms," said Dr. Joshi. 

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