Researchers: Phone use at dinner causes negative effect

Phone use at mealtime leads to less enjoyment of social interactions

By Monica Whitsel - Producer
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Many people always have their cellphones on them at all times, even during mealtimes. Researchers at the University of British Columbia decided to study if using phones during mealtimes can affect their happiness. 

Researchers had 300 people go out to dinner, but didn't tell them the purpose behind the study. Each group was told they would have to answer a question. The researchers told one group they would answer using pen and paper and their phones would be put away. They told the other group to leave their phones out on the table and use it to answer the question. 

Participants were later asked about their experience. The study found that the group with the phones enjoyed their time less and felt more distracted. It was also revealed that 11% of the mealtime was consumed by being on cellphones. Overall, researchers say the negative effect on one's happiness was small. 

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