Right wardrobe makes the right impression

Beth Sullivan breaks down the do's and don'ts of workplace attair

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - What you wear to work and to an interview speaks volumes. Too much cleavage or wearing a mini skirt are frowned upon.

According to Jacksonville's fashion expert Beth Sullivan studies show appearance ranks only second to communication.

"Your non verbal communication is 75 percent of what we communicate not only on a normal basis but on first impressions and an interview," Sullivan says.

That's why the right wardrobe for work or an interview is so important.

For women, Sullivan says trendy dresses that offer a pop of color are great but must be modest.

"I like things that kind of come right above or right below the knee area," Sullivan says. "So really keeping it modest is always one of the best things."

When it comes to men, classic Florida business casual is your golf tee and black, khaki or grey dress pants.

For an interview or if you're a business man opt for a classic white shirt and a great suit.

"As far as an interview goes you want to avoid power ties and power shirts," Sullivan says. "Which is bright colors. It's OK for during the weekday but for the interview we'll keep it simple and classy."

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