Spring cleaning 101: The dirtiest places in your home

Cleaning pro says people forget to clean things they don't see

By Melanie Lawson - The Morning Show anchor

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - It's officially spring and, for lots of people, that means it's time to do some spring cleaning. There are many areas in your home that you might overlook that are breeding grounds for dirt, mildew and bacteria.

Traci Irven, with Team 1 Service, has been in the cleaning business for years. She took us around one of her client's houses to show us the spaces she never misses but you might. 

First, don't forget the fan.

"One area that you don't want to forget is the ceiling fan. People neglect the blades and they hold all types of dust," Irven said.

Irven points out that dust can get all over your room when the fan is turned on. She said she unscrews the blades from customers' fans periodically and washes them to make sure they're clean.

VIDEO: Melanie Lawson interviews Traci Irven

In the bathroom, the toilet handle is another breeding ground for germs. Irven suggests wiping it down with an antibacterial spray at least once a week.

"People normally clean what they see. It's the things you don't see that are neglected," she said.

Next, we went to the kitchen, where Irven suggested that about once a year you unplug your oven and clean behind it. Lots of food and crumbs will collect behind the oven and in between your oven and the wall.  

Irven said your kitchen sink is dirtier than your toilet seat because it's rarely disinfected. She suggested cleaning it daily with an antibacterial cleanser. Also, Irven said to get rid of your kitchen sponge after five days because it's crawling with bacteria. 

Finally, don't forget your laundry room. The dispenser where you put your detergent should also be cleaned monthly. Irven suggested detaching it and running it through the dishwasher and also pouring bleach down the dispenser and running it through a wash cycle without clothes.

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