Study: Employers Tend To Hire Potential Friends

It seems as if the top priority for any employer would be whether or not your qualified to complete the job and if you are dependable, but job experts say, employers are also looking for people that they could hang out with.

Being likeable and socially educated is a job skill in itself according to the experts, one more and more employers are looking for when finding the right match for their company.

Virginia College job expert Robert Beringer says, "I advise my students at the bottom of their resume to put a personal section, extracurricular activities, sports, something the eyeballs will get down to on a resume."

He adds that finding a commonality between you and your employers will give you the edge over your competition. In fact according to study conducted by Northwestern University, employers are looking for a good cultural fit in their office

Researchers found some employers rejected candidates based on things unrelated to the job. They hired employees based on how well they got along with them and others at the interview.

Experts suggest making sure you do your research before you go, find out as much as you can about the company and the person you'll interview with.

Beringer says "In this day in age, there's no excuse for not doing your research ahead of time, get out there, and find out the employer and the person who interview you, linked in, take a look at their page."

Experts say the downside is people being rejected because they don't do certain extracurricular activities or failed to list them on their resume and being well rounded goes a long way.

Carrington Mead, a civil rights attorney believes "people want to be comfortable in their work-space especially if you have a small work environment, so yeah, your probably going to be preferential to applicants who make you feel comfortable."