Study shows online reviews not always real

Many people post reviews because they don't like the company

By Monica Whitsel - Producer
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A more people turn to the Internet to shop, a new study shows if you use sites such as Amazon and eBay, you should be leery of the online reviews.

The Daily Mail reports a study by YouGov Omnibus reveals you shouldn't trust online reviews as some are fake.

Of the more than a thousand online shoppers were surveyed, more than a fifth posted a review of a product that they haven't used. 

The most common reason why they left the post was because they just felt like posting a review.  For 26 percent of the people this could be concerning.  When surveyed they said before they even consider buying a product they reference the online reviews. 

Other reasons for leaving fake reviews included not liking the company or the product's concept, they weren't sure and for humor. 

More people have turned to shopping online to avoid dealing with the hustle and bustle and crowded stores. 

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