Study: Text messaging on the decline

Average user sends 678 messages per month

By Monica Whitsel - Producer
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From the looks of it cellphones are a daily part of everyone's lives leading to believe text messaging is at a high, but studies show it's declining. 

The Daily Mail reports a study by accounting firm Deloitte reveals the number of text messages sent has declined for the United Kingdom; while NBC News reports it has also fallen in America.

NBC News reports, technology and strategy consulting firm Chetan Sharma reported from one quarter to the next text messaging dropped from an average of 696 per user per month to an average of 678 per user per month. 

The Daily Mail states reasoning as to why the numbers have seemed to drop in a world that is fascinated with technology.

Many users have instead turned to cheaper communication.  Text messaging here in the U.S. costs around 25 cents, depending on the carrier and plan.

To avoid the costs consumers have turned to apps, such as Snapchat and WhatsApp, to converse with others.  iMessage is free and available to Apple users with a certain iOS software. 

Paul Lee, head of telecoms research at Deloitte, says he doesn't believe text messages will be completely phased out as it's a common denominator. 

Text message is commonly used by cellphone companies throughout the world making up about 98 percent of revenue.  Lee says for it to be completely phased out some kind of messaging would have to become universal throughout companies. 

The first text message was sent in 1992.  A British engineer sent a "Merry Christmas" message from his computer to a cellphone.  

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