Teaching Men To Be Good Fathers

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Dad's role in raising happy and healthy kids.

Kids look up to their fathers for guidance and support.
CEO of Daniel, and licensed social worker Jim Clark put together a outline of ways that fathers can make sure they're doing their job right.

First, Clark says that fathers need to ask themselves two questions:
·Am I being a positive role model?
·Am I walking the walk?
Then, they need to stop and remember:
·Be mindful of the eyes that are watching you and model intentionally.
·By modeling responsibility, respect and integrity, you can show your kids the true meaning of being a man.

Clark also reminds fathers that making time for your kids is critical.
He gives a few tips to make sure time spent with kids is time well spent:
·Turn off the phone and TV.
·Eat dinner as a family.
·Talk to your kids but more importantly, listen.

Also, Clark says that when fathers do take the time to sit down and talk with their kids, there are a few things they need to do:
·Pay attention to how you talk to your children.
·Make every effort to be positive.
·Speak to your kids with respect.

Now for the dads who don't live with their kids full time, it's especially important to remember to do the following:
·Keep your promises.
·Speak respectfully of their mother.
·Explain why you're leaving.
·Find ways to stay in touch while you're apart.
·Put some planning into your re-entry back home.

Finally, Clark says that every father should offer their kids words of wisdom including:
·Teach the "golden" words: Please, Thank you, and I'm sorry. Teach them to your kids, and use them yourself.
·Stress the importance of education and knowledge as a lifelong endeavor.
·Teach your kids to set their goals high and that you will be there for them no matter the outcome.

For more information on good parenting visit http://www.danielkids.org.