What couples do right, wrong

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Last year the U.S. had the sixth highest divorce rate in the world, suggesting millions of people can benefit from some love advice. We have the tips for a long and healthy relationship.

Whether it's marriage or just dating, you can take steps to keep your relationship going strong. First, move the TV out of the bedroom. Watching the tube in bed can kill intimacy by distracting couples from using that time to relax and connect with each other.

Also, become friendly with each other's families. A University of Michigan study found married couples are 20% less likely to divorce if the husband is close with his in-laws, but be careful. The risk of divorce increases if the wife cozies up too much with their husband's parents. The reason is women eager to please in-laws may feel uncomfortable setting healthy boundaries.

Another way to solidify a relationship is to get a furry friend together. In a recent poll by the Marriage Foundation, people ranked having a baby as the number one sign of commitment, but studies found that sharing a pet is actually a better indicator of whether a couple will stay together than having a child. The Foundation believes this may be because adopting a pet is deliberate, whereas babies can sometimes come along unplanned.

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