Nancy Sikes-Kline

Candidate for St. Augustine City Commission Seat 5

Age: 57

Family: Married to Roger Kline. We have two boys, Jacob and Luke, who attend local public schools.  Our family stays active in sports, church, community and school activities. We live in Davis Shores with our puggle named Max Wilson.  

Occupation: Vice Mayor and Commissioner. Self employed land use planning consultant in northeast Florida since 1984 with experience in historic preservation, transportation, zoning, and comprehensive planning I have 30 years of professional and active voluntary service to this city on community boards, associations and special projects and extensive experience in lobbying and advocacy for historic preservation, economic development, transportation and heritage tourism issues at the state, regional and national levels.  

Education: B.A. University of Florida, Geography; Florida League of Cities, Advanced Institute of Government  for Elected Municipal Officials; Metropolitan Planning Organization Advisory Council Training Institute; Florida League of Cities University Summit Series for Community; Redevelopment Agency Basics and Budget Best Practices; Florida Trust for Historic Preservation Certified Local Government Training;Tourism and Hospitality Training Workshop, Chamber of Commerce, St. Johns County; Heritage Tourism Professional Workshop, Florida Trust for Historic Preservation  

Political Experience: Vice Mayor and Commissioner since 2008; Chair, North Florida Transportation Planning Organization; Member, University of Florida, Board of Advocates, College of Historic Preservation; Member, St. Johns County Cultural Resources Review Board; Past City Delegate, St. Johns County Intergovernmental Committee; Past City Delegate, Florida League of Cities; Past Trustee, Historic St. Augustine Preservation Board, State of Florida; Past President, Junior Service League of St. Augustine, Inc.;  Past Chairperson,, St. Augustine Lighthouse & Museum, Inc.; Past Member, Historic Architectural Review Board, City of St. Augustine; Past Vice Chair, Parking and Traffic Committee, City of St. Augustine; Past Member, Heritage Tourism & Historic Preservation Advisory Committee, City of St. Augustine; Past Chairperson, Historic Resource Review Board, St. Johns County; Past Member, Visitor Information Center Advisory Committee, City of St. Augustine; Past Vice Chair, City of St. Augustine Beach, Code Enforcement Board; Past Trustee, Florida National Guard Historical Foundation; Past Board Member, Cross and Sword, Florida's Official State Play; Past Member, St. Johns County Vision Task Force; Past Participant, Urban Land Institute Reality Check First Coast

What do you see as the top three issues in this race?

  • Balance: The number one issue I hear from citizens is to balance the needs of residents, businesses and visitors while maintaining a no-tax-increase city budget.  We claim the title of the "Nation's Oldest City" with great success, and truly, we are old, but along with that honor comes the expense of caring for an aging infrastructure, solving traffic problems, saving numerous historic structures, protecting the livability of neighborhoods, encouraging economic development, and, all the while, accommodating millions of invited guests on a small town budget. Its a constant challenge, but the work is critical.
  • Good Capital Planning: You might not hear this stated in quite this way but when people say they want their streets paved and bricked, potholes fixed and water lines replaced AND new landscaping along the entry corridors and entrances, underground utilities, new bikes lanes, sidewalks, streetscapes, parks and more parking, they are referring to fact based financial planning for future needs.  Citizens deserve to know that there is a clear plan to identify and prioritize needs vs. wants with a sensible spending plan to execute on a reasonable schedule, in an efficient cost effective way for the future. This is the way to make sure spending and put core government functions at the top of the "to do" list.  
  • Visionary City Planning: Anticipating future trends with an eye to the past. As we grow and change we need to preserve our historic character, celebrate our culture and keep what makes us different and special. We need to be sure that the community we are building is the right one. Our little town has been "discovered" and we need to be sure that we continue to keep our approach fresh in our ongoing planning, zoning, building and transportation plans to keep our city as good place for people to live, work and play.  

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