Nassau County issues weather alert

Chill advisory set for Nassau County

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NASSAU COUNTY, Fla. - Nassau County sent out alerts Thursday to residents in the area about a severe wind chill advisory.

The County's Emergency Management Office sent messages warning about near freezing temperatures and wind chill overnight.

Interim Director for Nassau County Emergency Management, Traci Masau, told Channel 4 it's important for them to alert residents.

"Our biggest thing is letting the citizens of the county know that it's going to be cold and just to be prepared," said Masau.

Forecasters say the 25 to 30 mile per hour winds will make temperatures feel like the 20s Friday morning. They urge people take measures to protect themselves.

"Well I'll have my heaters ready to go. We're going to cover up my water pipes. And basically keep my pet in," said Dale Jackson of Fernandina Beach.

While some people Channel 4 spoke with Thursday were prepared for the storm, others were not.

"Probably under prepared. Hahaha. I'll be the worst one to admit it," said Jennifer Stevens.

At Lowe's, employees say they expect to see a steady stream of customers Thursday night, especially Friday, buying items to protect their outdoor faucets, pipes and plants.

"Probably tomorrow the weather is supposed to be colder, we possibly will see more people tomorrow. Especially if it dips down tonight," said Lowes Manager, Ed McNeil.

Forecasters are also warning residents to make sure pets are kept indoors during the overnight cold. 

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