Whoops! Implosion fails at Dallas office building

DALLAS – Part of an 11-story office building in Dallas was left standing Sunday morning after explosives failed to completely implode the structure, WFAA-TV reports.

Aerial video shows the outer portion of the building falling away, but the central structure remained largely intact.

“You could see the building fall down and then that tower there just kind of stopped. And everybody went, ‘Oh no,’" onlooker Ed McAndrew told KTVT. And there it is. It’s still sitting there. Amazing."

Another onlooker jokingly called it the Leaning Tower of Dallas.

Demolition crews will now have to dismantle the remaining section with conventional machinery.

Lloyd D. Nabors Demolition said it’s common for the core and elevator shaft to require additional demolition efforts, but a high-reach excavator brought in after the implosion couldn’t get the job done.

Crews will now use a crane and wrecking ball over the next week to knock the structure down.

Traffic was briefly halted on a nearby interstate highway during the explosion.

Officials say the remaining part of the tower does not pose any threat to pedestrians or neighboring structures.