3 kids hurt when bounce house blows away

Inflatable structure swept 50 feet into the air outside apartment complex

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Three kids were hurt Monday after falling from a bounce house swept away by a gust of wind in New York state.

The children, ages 5, 6 and 10, were playing inside when wind lifted the inflatable structure 50 feet into the air outside an apartment complex in South Glen Falls, Albany TV station WNYT reported.

Two boys were seriously injured. One landed on a parked car and the other on asphalt, according to the Post-Star newspaper.

A girl who was also inside suffered minor scrapes and bruises.

Parents said the bounce house floated over a nearby stretch of woods and landed near a middle school.

The structure was secured to the ground with spikes, but got swept up by high winds anyway, police said.

"It was like a horror movie," neighbor Taylor Seymour told the Post-Star. "It just kept going up and up. It cleared our building and the trees."

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