Man falls asleep while burglarizing home

Homeowner startled by man found sleeping at the foot of his bed

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A man is facing charges after he allegedly broke into a neighbor's house and then fell asleep on a bed -- while the homeowner was sleeping in it.

KABC-TV reports that a man was awakened by something touching his leg. When he looked toward the foot of his bed to see what it was, he saw a neighbor curled up on the bed, sleeping. The homeowner chased the neighbor out of his house, but later realized that he had stolen some items, like cell phones and a Playstation. Since the thief was his neighbor, the resident was able to call police and give them his exact address.

Ruben Diego Ortega, 20, was arrested a short time later. He claims he entered the home through an open window, burglarized it and then fell asleep as he was on his way out with the stolen items.

Ortega was booked on suspicion of burglary at the Santa Ana Police Department jail.