Man trampled by bulls in Texas tradition

The Great Bull Run hosts 600 runners and 24 bulls in a quarter-mile sprint

By Joy Purdy - 5:30, 6:30 & 11 p.m. anchor

Baytown, Texas - Organizers call it a European vacation without the expense.

The Great Bull Run in Baytown, Texas has become a yearly event in which 600 runners at a time join 1500-pound bulls in a quarter-mile sprint.

Out of the people who participated in this Pamplona-style run with the bulls in Texas, one man suffered a little more than a bruised ego.

Instead of grabbing one of the 24 bulls by the horns, Hugo Sodo got trampled during the Baytown event.

"I was the only one that ended up at the hospital," Sodo says shrugging his shoulders.

Sodo was treated for a nasty set of bruises on his arms and face.  he also suffered a concussion, making his memory a little hazy.

However, most of that exhilarating, yet painful run he took on the track he did not forget.

"The bull pushed me in the back," Sodo recalls, "I fell over and covered my head, and then the rest of the bulls just kind of past by and a couple of them actually got a couple hits in."

Soon people were running to help Sodo, then rushing him off to San Josento Methodist Hospital.

Sodo is now resting at home, already dreaming of another chance to actually make it to the finish line, instead of being hit by hooves and horns, or left in the dust.

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