New Allegations Say Waldon Planned To Kill Friend

Targeted Officer Helping Police In Case Against Waldon

JACKSONVILLE - In a subsequent indictment just filed Wednesday in federal court, new allegations are made against two former Jacksonville sheriff's officers, allegations that include talk of one officer murdering his best friend -- former officer Reginald Bones. <P /> The U.S. attorney's office says that former officer Karl Waldon discussed killing co-conspirators Kenneth McLaughlin and even another sheriff's officer, Bones. <P /> A new edition of the original federal indictment now says that Waldon told his brother-in-law that McLaughlin and Bones might need to, "Be taken care of," because they were potential witnesses against Waldon and others. The indictment goes on to say that Waldon talked about McLaughlin saying, "they'll find him somewhere with his head cut." <P /> The U.S. attorney's office says that former officer Bones is cooperating with authorizes in its case against Waldon and former officer Aric Sinclair. Both men face charges including conspiracy and murder. <P /> The indictment also accuses Sinclair of tipping off drug dealers for money. <P /> Investigators have said it was Waldon who strangled northside businessman Sami Safar to death in the back of his patrol car three years ago. <P /> Authorities say that Waldon killed Safar because Safar could identify him as a police officer. <P /> The shocking thing about these new allegations is that former officers Waldon and Bones were so close that family friends say that Waldon was the best man in Bones' wedding. <P /> Channel 4's Jennifer Waugh was unable to reach Waldon's attorney, but he always maintained his innocence. <p> <ibs_related type="links"> <B>Previous Stories:</B> <ul> <li>March 17, 2001: <A HREF="/jax/news/stories/news-54312420010316-160353.html">Unsolved Murder Could Be Part Of Police Conspiracy</A></li><li>March 15, 2001: <A HREF="/jax/news/stories/news-54147520010315-170354.html">Prisoners Say Corrupt Cops Helped In Their Conviction</A></li><li>January 19, 2001: <A HREF="/jax/news/stories/news-20010118-150328.html">Ex-Cops Face Murder, Corruption Charges</A></li><li>January 24, 2001: <A HREF="/jax/news/stories/news-20010124-114411.html">Pough Pleads Not Guilty, Awaits Agreement</A></li><li>January 3, 2001: <A HREF="/jax/news/stories/news-20010103-093822.html">Bond Denied For Former Sheriff's Officer</A></li> <li>December 29, 2000: <A HREF="/jax/news/stories/news-20001229-161943.html">Sinclair Detention Hearing Postponed Again</A></li> <li>December 28, 2000: <A HREF="/jax/news/stories/news-20001228-154420.html">Hearing Begins For Ex-Officer Named In Federal Probe</A></li> <li>December 20, 2000: <A HREF="/jax/news/stories/news-20001220-134222.html">Officer Accused In Federal Probe Resigns</A></li> </ul> </ibs_related>

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