No Jax School Custodians Will Lose Jobs

Union Negotiates 7% Pay Cuts Across The Board

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - No Duval County school custodians will lose their jobs because of budget cuts.

The custodians' union has negotiated pay cuts across the board to save positions.

The vice president of the union, who is also a custodian, said there are 191 custodians, and 10 were going to lose their jobs.

The vice president said the union and Duval County School Board made an agreement that every custodian would take a 7 percent pay cut to save those jobs. The cuts are on top of a 3 percent reduction in benefits.

Many of those who would have lost their jobs have more than 20 years on the job.

A budget proposal in May involved shifting about 200 Duval County custodians into the private sector. Two-thirds of school custodians already work for the private sector.

Custodians who are part of the union had said the shift would hurt their benefits, including their retirement; raise their insurance so much that many wouldn't be able to afford it; and cut their hours nearly in half in the summer, from eight hours a day to 5 ½.

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