Officers Cleared In Killing Armed Robber

Police: Man Pointed Gun At Detectives After Robbing Gas Station In May

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - A Jacksonville Sheriff's Office response to resistance board voted unanimously Wednesday that two robbery detectives acted within departmental regulations for the use of deadly force.

Detectives Clement Nieto and Michael Padgett shot and killed 28-year-old Jesse Cooper on May 29 after Cooper robbed a Gate gas station in the 8000 block of Atlantic boulevard, according to police.

Police said Cooper was in an SUV and pointed a gun at the officers who had the place staked out after several other Gate gas station holdups.

On Wednesday, the review board heard police radio calls and looked at surveillance images before making their decision.

Police said when Cooper tried to get away in an SUV, he was confronted by the two plain-clothes officers.

Nieto told the board he and Padgett fired one volley of shots at the suspect after he pointed a handgun at them, and saw that Cooper was hit, but he kept trying to get away.

"The suspect reappeared a second time," Nieto said. "He pointed his pistol at us again. We fired a second volley. The second volley was 2-3 shots. That put the suspect down. At that point, it appeared the threat ended."

Police said they arrested Shaketa Jones, 28, at a nearby parking lot shortly after the shooting and charged her with armed robbery and murder. Officers believe that Jones was an accomplice to the robbery and is therefore legally responsible for the death that occurred.

The two officers had already been cleared in the fatal shooting by the state attorney's office.

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