Parent: Teacher told teen he loved him

35-Year-Old Math Teacher Accused Of Molesting Child Younger Than 12

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - A Lake Shore Middle School parent who doesn't want to be identified said his son's relationship with math teacher Robert Luke, who's accused of molesting a child younger than 12, had him very concerned.

"He's got my kid coming home in love with him, more or less," the parent said.

He said he's not surprised that 35-year-old Luke was arrested on two counts of sexual battery on a child younger than 12. He said Luke made inappropriate statements to his 15-year-old son in class.

"He told him he loved him, that he loves him a lot and he cares about him a lot," the teen's parent said.


"He told me, 'I would be a much better parent than your parents because I would treat you a lot more with respect. You see what I do when I'm in class,'" the teen said.

He said Luke never touched him inappropriately, but he said Luke made him extremely uncomfortable on several occasions.

"He always stood behind me. Every time I was doing my work, he always had his head like right here close to my face," the teen said.

"I was shocked when I heard this," Ramo Gonse, one of Luke's former students, said of the allegations. "I would never believe that he would have ever gotten arrested for child molestation or anything."

Gonse said he doesn't believe Luke is capable of the crime of which he's accused.

Jacksonville police said they want to know if Luke victimized others.

"I used to go to his house and help him grade papers, and one time we took a trip with another teacher, and then I went home," Gonse said.

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